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Sheffield Iron Bed by Wesley Allen Sheffield Iron Bed

A sensational rendition of the sleigh bed, combining masculinity with the delicate curves of the females.
Each of the end castings carefully wraps around the strong connecting pull that gives the illusion of the classic sleigh.

Kenwick Iron Bed by Wesley Allen Kenwick Iron Bed

This magnificent bed draws inspiration from 18th-century British Colonial designs. The double posts, hand-carved castings and aged iron finish make an impressive statement in any room.

Brookshire Iron Bed by Wesley Allen Brookshire Iron Bed

One part Ancient Egypt and one part Roman Empire. This larger-than-life sleigh bed is the ultimate in nighttime luxury. With an old-copper finish and exquisitely detailed castings, itís easy to see why it took two years to design this gem.

Aberdeen Iron Bed by Wesley Allen Aberdeen Iron Bed

Flowing lines and curves blend with subtle French influences to create a bed of stunning symmetry and presence.

Sena Iron Bed by Wesley Allen Sena Iron Bed

Sweet "heart" accents stimulate feelings of that forgotten love. Made for that timeless romance.

Quati Iron Bed by Wesley Allen Quati Iron Bed

You could say this bed is a classic design, a classic with a slight curvilinear distinction. Influences are from old brass beds of late 19th century England.

Chelsea Iron Bed by Wesley Allen Chelsea Iron Bed

Inspired by the Greek Lyre, this design strikes a harmonious chord that keeps the soul in tune.